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Adobe Photoshop - Advanced

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Course delegates will learn advanced Photoshop commands and techniques to further improve images; and also how to utilise some of the more advanced creative effects. This course will be of more benefit to you if you have access to a computer with Photoshop outside of the class in order to practice the skills you will learn. This course is designed for more experienced users of Photoshop and build on the basics.

  • Intermediate Photoshop users with 2+ years experience
  • People who have completed our Photoshop Basics training course
  • Self taught Photoshop users
  • Photoshop users wanting to get up to pace with new Photoshop features
  • Digital artists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Prepress / Mac Operators
  • Professional and Amateur photographers
  • Sales and Marketing staff working with print and web based media
  • Students and school teachers
  • People wanting to improve their workflow
  • People looking to speed up image processing
At Course Completion: 

You will:

  • Learn how to make sense of Photoshop in an easy to understand format
  • Learn to enhance image colour, remove unwanted objects, create collages
  • Develop effective image enhancement skills
  • Get images looking their best by developing colour correction skills
  • Develop retouching skills
  • Learn how to improve your workflow and work fast
  • Understand layers and how to work on your image non-destructively

Photoshop Advanced is for those who wish to utilise some of the more difficult and complex features of Adobe Photoshop. It is designed for those who are already very proficient with Photoshop and wish to learn highly advanced features.

Combining images

  • Creating montages
  • Saving feathered borders
  • The gradient tool and selection
  • Working with multiple layers
  • Overlaying images
  • Ways of combining images
  • Creating layer masks
  • Creating clipping groups

Working with paths

  • Creating and saving paths
  • Working with bezier curves
  • Adding and deleting points
  • Converting paths to selection
  • Using clipping paths
  • Exporting paths to illustrator

Filters and special effects

  • Tips on using filters
  • Blurring and sharpening
  • The 3-D Transform filter
  • Creating multimedia backgrounds
  • Creating seamless tiles
  • Using the Extract filter
  • Using the Liquify filter


  • Automatic adjustments
  • Using adjustments layers
  • Using the Levels command
  • Using the Curves command
  • Hue Saturation
  • Channel Mixer
  • Gradient Map

Buttons and rollovers

  • Techniques for creating buttons
  • specifying different button states
  • Optimising and exporting GIFs
  • creating rollover effects
  • adding animation to rollovers
  • using rollover styles


  • Overview of slices
  • using the slice tool
  • creating layer-based slices
  • Modifying slices
  • Naming slices
  • Image and No Image slices
  • Assigning URLs
  • optimising and exporting slices

Image maps

  • Creating tool-based image maps
  • creating layer-based image maps
  • Assigning attributes to image maps
Dates and Times: 
Nov 7 - 15
Duration (Hours): 

AKTINA Training Center
20 Loukis Akritas street, 1st floor
2064 Strovolos
(behind Kykko secondary schools)


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